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Your business could be losing website traffic without a holding page!

Why have a greatly designed holding page for your new website domain name?

Dublin Airport DirectA holding page or a two page website does essentially what it says on the tin, it lets you create a soft launch of the new site. This allows for "good things to happen" like being found by search engine bots, robots or more correctly web crawlers. This helps, as when a web crawler finds your site it means your on your way to good page ranking in Search Engines.

There are some other important areas you will need to consider as well, such as;

If you do not have a holding page and you are using your domain name for business emails, when people see your email and they attempt to visit your website, the Internet will l either come up with a generic error page (page not found 404 error) or worse from your company’s perspective send them off to your Domain Registrar which is usually  an advertisement for them not you!

  • If your web page can be found you equally can be contacted, so email, phone number, mail address are all options that we add to your well designed holding page.
  • Also, your site is a direct communications platform to create brand awareness and position your business in the market you choose to serve.
  • For a start-ups with a shoe-string budget, a holding page website will be the place to start.

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We find Walcom responsive and easy to work with. Their price, first class design and search engine optimization skills have been our winning edge.

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